Fly Fishing

Over fifty different areas to go fly fishing at Wapoos

Fly Fishing

The Fly-fishing at Wapoos Sibi will take your breath away! You will have more than 50 different areas and spots to go fly-fishing in the exclusive territory of 100 square kilometers of Wapoos Sibi. Fast water fishing; pools; lakes; river; every spot is a different environment in full nature and can give different excitement for Walleye fishing and Quebec Red Trout fishing!

More Details About Fly Fishing

Wapoos Sibi has many virgin and unknown spots on its territory and some zones are reserved exclusively for fly-fishing. As a fly-fisherman at Wapoos Sibi, you will find yourself alone on your own reserved and private fly-fishing zone.

You will be impressed by the variety of game fish in the territory of Wapoos Sibi; Black Walleye to Yellow Walleye – some of them can go up to 20 pounds! Lake Trout that can be caught by fly-fishing as well as the Speckled Trout and, without forgetting, of course, an authentic game fish of Northern Quebec, the famous but rare Quebec Red Trout! Some sections of Wapoos Sibi are catch and release, others areas you can catch, keep and later savour the unequaled taste of fresh cooked Trout

At the end of your journey, you will be left with a rich experience, much more fun than fishing only one river, like most other fly-fishing trips. At Wapoos Sibi, you will discover many unexpected places of this great territory, catch many species of game fish. You will leave with a unique experience and the discovery of many wonders of nature hidden in this vast virgin boreal forest in Northern Quebec! At Wapoos Sibi, you can fly-fish for: Quebec Red Trout; Speckled Trout; Lake Trout and Walleye.