Moose Hunting

Wapoos Sibi is Moose country

At Wapoos Sibi, our moose population is definitely exceptional! We reserve delimited exclusive hunting areas for each group of 4 hunters. All this for the sake of a safer and more peaceful hunting, therefore, more fruitful! The exclusive rights of the Wapoos Sibi outfitting make it possible to control the exact number of moose hunted each year in the territory. The moose quotas hunted at Wapoos Sibi are thus restricted in order to stimulate and protect the population of this species. Our priority is to give our customers an unforgettable and high quality hunting experience.

Our 100km2 territory, including 44 lakes, includes a set of 3 cabins fully equipped to accommodate groups, families and friends. Each cabins has its own balcony with barbecue and views of the majestic Long Lake. Our game territory offers the experience of superb moose hunting as it has not been hunted for several years

Wapoos Sibi has built its reputation on its personalized service. The guidance service is available on request. Our experienced guides will bring you a rich and valuable teaching.