Our Fishing Domain

Unequaled fishing experience. One of the world’s best!

Our Fishing Domain

All our game fish live in a natural habitat of clean and drinkable water! Wapoos Sibi is a paradise for fishermen. Its exclusive territory counts 44 unspoiled lakes, Trout pools and fast water fishing on more than 100 square kilometers in Northern Quebec’s pristine boreal forest!

This superb fishing is unique in Canada! Our fish are all natural and there is no stocking; our quotas allow you to go back home with a fine selection of game fish!

The great fishing experience

Does dreaming about spending your day floating on a lake surrounded by majestic mountains, and untouched forests while casting for prize-winning Trout and Walleye bring a peaceful smile to your face? Do you think about spending time with your wife, your son, your brother... talking about life while sharing the intricacies of flicking a fly rod?

Let Wapoos Sibi offer you an exclusive fishing and hunting adventure. Our experienced and expert guides offer a wealth of valuable instruction. We will do everything we can to make your stay at Wapoos memorable and a success. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service to make your fishing or hunting trip perfect.