Red Trout

Our lakes are the natural habitat of these magnificent fish

Red Trout

In Canada, the vast majority of Quebec Red Trout is concentrated in the Province of Quebec. The Quebec Red Trout is a distinctive first cousin of the Eastern Brook Trout or Speckled Trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis). It is a rare colour phase of the Speckled Trout usually found in high mountain lakes and streams. This Speckled beauty has distinctive orange markings that rise above the lateral line as well as the red dots with the blue halo, which are also above this line.

In Canada, many anglers confuse the Arctic Char with the Quebec Red Trout. Although the Quebec Red Trout is a member of the Char family, it does not enter salt or brackish seawater to feed. Much like the Char, the Quebec Red Trout turns a brilliant red-orange colour in the fall during spawning, but is also retains this amazing colour throughout the year, unlike its cousin the Speckled Trout.

More Details About Red Trout

There is also some confusion among anglers who mistakenly call the Quebec Red Trout a land-locked Char. This is absolutely not the case as there are very few areas in Canada that support the land-locked Arctic Char. The colour of this last one is totally different from a Quebec Red Trout or a sea-run Char.

Anglers coming to Canada will only find the Quebec Red Trout in rare areas in the Province of Quebec and particularly at Wapoos Sibi. The territory of Wapoos Sibi is on a plateau almost a mile above sea level. The water of the lakes is therefore cold, oxygenated and clean, which offers perfect conditions for the Quebec Red Trout. The streams and rivers connect the higher lakes of Wapoos Sibi to the lower lakes and constitute a real paradise for the Quebec Red Trout who have been surviving in this Canadian Boreal Forest for over ten thousand years!

Some special areas at Wapoos Sibi are set aside for fly fishermen where they can catch some beautiful Quebec Red Trout. The other species of fish that you can find at Wapoos Sibi, are: Speckled Trout, Walleye, Lake Trout and Northern Pike. Fly-fishing is very popular at Wapoos Sibi for all the species.