Speckled Trout

Live this rare experience. Speckled Trout are very difficult to find but we have them at WAPOOS

Speckled Trout

The Speckled Trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis) is also known as the Eastern Brook Trout and is a member of the Char family. The Speckled Trout is a fast growing fish and the colours can vary from region to region, lake to lake, stream to stream. It is a beautifully coloured fish with distinctive red dots with a blue halo. Trophy Speckled Trout caught at Wapoos Sibi are between 7 to 8 pounds.

More Details About Speckled Trout

Quality Speckled Trout fishing is becoming very rare in Canada as these fish will only live in cold crystal clear water. Wapoos Sibi is on a plateau almost a mile above sea level. The water of the lakes is therefore cold, oxygenated and clean, which offer ideal conditions for the Speckled Trout at Wapoos Sibi who have been surviving in this Canadian Boreal Forest for over ten thousand years.

All the lakes at Wapoos Sibi are interconnected with streams that allow for a healthy transfer of fish. The forest supplies all the nutrients that the fish need, creating a real paradise for Speckled Trout! Some special areas at Wapoos Sibi are set aside for fly fishermen where they can catch trophy Speckled Trout.

The other species of fish that you can find at Wapoos Sibi, are: Quebec Red Trout; Walleye; Lake Trout; Northern Pike. Fly-fishing is very popular at Wapoos Sibi for all the species.