Our Territory

Beautiful, awe inspiring, peaceful, pristine wilderness for your enjoyment

About Us

Wapoos Sibi Fish and Game Club is located 4 1/2 hours by road from Montreal, in the province of Quebec, Canada. Wapoos Sibi is an exclusive fishing and hunting territory of 100 square KM, 44 lakes and 3 main cabins. The geographic Longitude and Latitude coordinates are: N 47° 40` 0" W 74° 42` 12"

The territory of Wapoos Sibi is composed of a pristine boreal forest typical of Northern Quebec. Its many lakes and streams have been very lightly fished and all the water is drinkable! Canoeing, kayaking and observation and filming of wild life... The remote areas of this exclusive territory are accessible by gravel roads and contain pristine lakes with Red and Speckled Trout, Lake Trout and Walleye. Our territory offers an exceptional place for bear and moose hunting since they have not been hunted for several years. A special rendez-vous with nature in a most enchanting setting.

Why sportsmen choose Wapoos Sibi

Our 4-star cabins are located in the main camp area overlooking Lake Long, with all the facilities necessary for a most memorable stay.

The various lakes of the territory of Wapoos Sibi are accessible by boat, canoe, mountain bike, etc. Visitors can also go to Wapoos Sibi by seaplane by landing directly on Long Lake, opposite the main Camp. An exceptional place, from trout fishing to gold fishing or fly fishing, moose hunting, bear hunting or just to discover this paradise. Come breathe the pure air of Wapoos Sibi!


Wapoos Statistics

100 Square KM
44 Lakes
3 Outpost Cabins